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What is a Culture Brick?

A more aesthetically elegant image used in the design of places such as buildings, workplaces and offices; The stone materials that give the stone are called decorative bricks or culture bricks. Culture bricks used in many different areas are available in different colors.

Cultural Brick Models

There are not many different models in culture bricks, but there are culture bricks in many different colors, as Tgtile; Black and White Culture Brick, Yellow Culture Brick, Cream Culture Brick, Red Culture Brick, Tile Culture Brick, Brown Culture Brick, Gray Culture Brick, and White Black Culture Brick are the decorative culture stone colors and models that our company sells.

Decorative Culture Brick Prices

Culture brick prices; it differs according to the color of the decorative culture brick. 2022 culture brick square meter prices range from $15 to $50 on average. You can contact us on our contact page for clear information about the prices of culture bricks, stone bricks, decorative bricks.  ;

Decorative stone brick prices It is slightly higher than the previous years. Exchange rate difference and world demand supply imbalance are important factors in this increase. 

Decorative Brick &Cedil;equals

Cultural brick, which has names such as decorative brick, culture brick, stone brick, decorative stone brick, ornamental brick, is actually only equal, it has different models or different colors, even though these names change. means decorative culture brick.