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What is Marble?

Limestone structures that have undergone changes under high temperature and pressure for centuries and even millennia are called marble. The biggest feature of marble is that it is easily polished and polished.

Marble variables

Although there are many types of marble, as Tgtile; White Marble, Travertine Marble, Burdur Beige Marble, Carrara Blue Marble, Carrara White Marble, Luna Star Beige Marble and Luna Deluxe Beige Marble are the names of the marble varieties that our company sells.

Our country has 5.2 billion cubic meters of marble reserves and has approximately 40% of the world's marble reserves. It ranks 7th in the world in marble production. Thanks to the rapid production that has increased in recent years, it has been moving up in the ranking.

Marble Prices

Marble prices; It varies according to the type of marble, the quality of the marble, the color of the marble and the size of the marble. For clear information about marble prices, you can contact us on our contact page.

Marble prices for 2022 are slightly higher than in previous years. The exchange rate difference and the ongoing demand and supply imbalance in the world are the important factors in this increase.