Bucak Marble

Bucak Marble

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Bucak Marble

Marble is a composition formed by the crystallization of limestones. As color; white marble, beige marble, gray marble colors are the most produced. After these colors, there are also yellow, black, red, blue tones and dark color marbles. Marbles are used in almost all buildings today. The fact that it is both durable and aesthetically beautiful is the main reason why marble is preferred.

Marble in Bucak

The discovery of the first marble deposits in Bucak corresponds to the early 1980s. In the following years, with these marble reserves started to be extracted, many marble quarries and marble factories started to be opened in Bucak. Some of Turkey's largest marble quarries are located in Bucak. Extremely rich marble quarries were opened not only in Bucak but also around Bucak, and these stones were brought to the marble factories in Bucak and started to be processed.

Bucak Marble Quarries

Marble factories in Bucak also contributed positively to the industrialization of the city. With the opening of the marble quarries, the workers working in these quarries, the needs of the quarries, the construction machinery, the transportation of the workers and the extracted stones, followed by many sectors. has developed. In the past, stone extraction was carried out by dynamite method in marble quarries, but nowadays, marbles are extracted as blocks with the help of advanced stone cutting machines. There are more than 20 marble quarries of various sizes in Bucak. The number of workers working in these quarries is more than 300. Bucak marble quarries are the most travertine marble, beige marble. Bucak marble factories because Bucak is a province of Burdur; it is also referred to as Burdur Marble Factories. Most of the factories described as Burdur Marble Factory in Turkey and around the world; Bucak is essentially a marble factory.

bucak marble quarry

Bucak Marble Factories

Marbles in block form extracted from marble quarries are brought to marble factories for processing. Here, the block marbles, which are processed according to the type of marble, are now cut in equal lengths to be used, aged according to the type, polished, and made ready for use as polished. These packed marbles are exported abroad. being consumed or consumed; It is put up for sale to be used in the market. There are more than 50 marble factories in Bucak. There are companies that manufacture more than 10 marble machines to meet the needs of these marble factories.

Bucak Marble Factories Job Postings

As we mentioned above, there are more than 20 marble quarries and more than 50 marble factories in Bucak. An average of 2500 people work in these factories. Job advertisements are frequently published in marble factories with such a large employment. Bucak marble factories job postings are sometimes announced through the municipality's loudspeaker and sometimes from local news sources. As TGtile Marble, one of the largest marble factories in Bucak, we sometimes publish job advertisements. If you want to work in our Bucak marble factory, you can contact us from the  contact section.

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