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Terrazzo Stone

For wall, floor interior; and the terrazzo stone used outdoors is a composite material; It is formed from materials such as marble, granite, quartz, by attaching cement and similar materials.

Terrazzo Stone Models

The models of terrazzo stone, which is a marble and granite stone, have many different types and different terrazzo stone models. As Tgtile marble, stone products; Terrazzo Travertine Stone, Terrazzo Smyrna Limestone Limestone, Terrazzo Silver Gray Stone, Terrazzo Portuguese Limestone Limestone, Terrazzo Amessesia Limestone the terrazzo stone types and terrazzo stone models that our company sells. .

Terrazzo Price

Terrazzo stone has many different models and varieties. These different models affect their prices. Prices of terrazzo stone; affects the material used. 2022 terrazzo stone square meter prices vary between $15 and $50 on average. For detailed information about the current prices of Terrazzo, you can get in touch from our   contact page. 

Terrazzo stone prices this year, the exchange rate difference and the world's ongoing demand and supply imbalance vary. 

Terrazzo Travertine Stone

Travertine marble; it is a natural, solid and precious stone type, marble type. Terrazzo travertine stone; It is the equivalent of terrazzo stone, which contains travertine marble as a component in its structure. Terrazzo travertine stone is a type of terrazzo stone that is highly preferred especially on the exterior floor. For more information about Terrazzo travertine marble, please contact us.

Terrazzo Smyrna Limestone Limestone

In Terrazzo Limestone; There is a mixture of marble dust, calcite, dolamite and limestone. Please contact us to get more detailed information about Terrazzo Smyria Limestone Limestone, one of the most preferred products among Terrazzo stone types, and to talk about order-delivery.</p >

Terrazzo stone colors and models

Terrazzo stones have many colors and many models. These colors and models;

  • Travertine Terrazzo Stone
  • Terrazzo Smyrna Limestone Limestone
  • Terrazzo Silver Gray Stone
  • Terrazzo Portuguese Limestone Limestone
  • Terrazzo Amessesia Limestone